Kill Zone

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The Kill Zone Theory

The “Kill Zone Theory” is a legal concept that has stirred significant debate and concern. In essence, it allows for individuals to be charged with attempted murder in multi-victim scenarios, even if there’s no concrete evidence pointing to an intent to kill. This theory has been wielded in ways that have led to disproportionately severe sentences, often impacting people of color more heavily.

Our Role

Innocence OC stands at the forefront of challenging this contentious theory. We believe in a justice system that is both fair and transparent, one that doesn’t rely on ambiguous legal loopholes to determine a person’s fate. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to review cases where the Kill Zone Theory has been applied, advocating for those who have been unjustly sentenced under its shadow. Our mission is clear: to ensure that every individual receives a fair trial and that justice is not compromised by flawed interpretations of the law. Join us in our fight for justice and help us shine a light on the areas of our legal system that need reform.


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Your support can ignite transformation in our justice system, ensuring no innocent soul in Orange County faces another unearned day in confinement. Together, we can instill hope where it’s needed most.

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Every donation brings us one step closer to righting the wrongs of our justice system. Your support has the power to change lives, reunite families, and restore faith in justice.


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