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OUR Purpose

Championing justice, rectifying wrongful convictions for all

… because every voice deserves truth and freedom.



The number one reason people get wrongly convicted is eyewitness misidentification.


Between 2% and 10% of individuals convicted in US prisons are innocent.


Since 1989, 2,666 wrongfully convicted people have been exonerated in the US.

What We Do

At Innocence OC, we collaborate closely with the passionate students of the University of California, Irvine School of Law. Together, we champion the cause of innocent prisoners, offering our expertise and resources pro bono. Our dedicated team, comprising seasoned lawyers, meticulous investigators, and committed law students, focuses on challenging the misapplications of the “Kill Zone Theory” that have led to unjust prosecutions. Our primary mission is to rectify these oversights, ensuring that those serving undue sentences under this theory find justice and freedom once more.


Annee Della Donna

With a distinguished career spanning over 25 years, Ms. Della Donna stands as a beacon in litigation, having collaborated with the nation’s most prestigious law firms. Her appellate expertise is enriched by her work alongside the esteemed Retired California Supreme Court Justice Marcus Kaufman. Furthermore, her prowess in complex personal injury cases has been honed through collaborations with the renowned Wylie Aitken. Testament to her impeccable reputation is the trust placed in her by opposing counsel and former clients, who frequently refer cases her way. Over the decades, Ms. Della Donna has skillfully navigated and secured multi-million dollar settlements against high-profile defendants, showcasing her unparalleled legal acumen.


  • OC BAR ASSOCIATION 2022 TOP GUN TRIAL LAWYER OF THE YEAR | (Civil Rights) Advocate Magazine
  • POWER DUO: BULLDOG IN HIGH HEELS | San Diego Attorney Journal
Annee Speaking


Eric Dubin

Eric Dubin, a renowned Plaintiff’s attorney, catapulted to national prominence following his triumphant $30 million jury verdict in the Wrongful Death lawsuit against Robert Blake. Mentored by the iconic Gerry Spence, Eric has been distinguished as one of California’s “Top 20 lawyers” by both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals. At the heart of Eric’s practice is a commitment to championing the rights of victims and their families in the aftermath of profound tragedies. His extensive portfolio encompasses representing victims and their loved ones in cases involving fatal accidents, severe injuries, product liabilities, fraud, and business litigation, marking a legacy of advocacy over his illustrious 20-year career.


  • Best Lawyers in America-Lawyer of the Year 2019
  • U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firms in America 2023
  • Los Angeles Lawyer of the Year 2016
  • Best Lawyer Orange County 2013
  • Super Lawyer 2023
  • CAALA Trial Lawyer of the Year Finals 2021

Our Next Mission

To create real change, we need a non-adversarial Collaborative Innocence Team with private attorneys from both sides, along with social workers to review cases for resentencing, wrongful conviction and actual innocence. By fostering dialogue and cooperation between traditionally adversarial parties, such a team can help bridge the gap between prosecution and defense and instead seek truth and justice outside of the court system. 


Gail Gilbert

Gail Gilbert, originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, now resides in Southern California. Defined by her unwavering passion for community and team spirit, Gail’s commitment to excellence and loyalty is evident. Her expertise in financial management and business strategy stems from her substantial experience in financial software technology and the multi-family housing REIT industries.  She is also a licensed real estate agent at Agent Inc.

An alumnus of Ashford University with an MBA and San Francisco State University with a BA in Sociology, Gail holds deep values of character, integrity, and service. Beyond her professional endeavors, she cherishes time with family and friends and is an active community servant, currently working with Innocence OC to advocate for justice.


Carla Debro

For over 22 years, Carla has been dedicated to education, particularly in underserved communities, and recently ventured into entrepreneurship with the launch of RAIN Flying Dress. Inspired by her father, Rev. W. L DeBro, a revered civil rights leader, she has passionately championed justice, working diligently to ensure students receive a top-tier education regardless of their background. 

She holds a doctorate in education and has served the public school system in multiple capacities, from teaching to administration. Her commitment to justice continues today as a proud member of Innocence OC, standing as a testament to her enduring mission to uplift and advocate for the rights of others.


Diane Bass

Diane Bass has been practicing law since 1991.  She has been practicing exclusively criminal defense in state and federal court since 1996. She represents individuals who are charged with crimes and who are under investigation by state and federal agencies. 

Her cases range from domestic violence to multi-million-dollar fraud cases.  She spent 12 years on the indigent defense panel in the Central District of California. She has appeared on numerous national news networks as a legal analyst. 

She is a member of many National and Local Bar associations and is proud to be a member of the board of the Innocence OC. 


Katrina Eisinger

Katrina Eisinger was raised in the inner city of Indianapolis, a product of many injustices and marginalized views. Her struggle to rise above her environment moved her to California with her husband, and soon having two boys.

Trained as an x-ray tech, she soon moved into the corporate world of sales to enhance her career. Life in California, however, would demonstrate to have many social problems of its own.

With a burning desire  to be a part of the solution Katrina has joined the Innocence Project of Orange County, where many marginalized people are being incarcerated with no concrete evidence against them.

Daniel Mulrenin

Daniel Mulrenin

After honorably serving as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines with assignments in Indonesia and South Korea, Dan pursued a B.A. from Cal Poly Pomona and embarked on a distinguished career with the Los Angeles Police Department. 

There, he led the nation’s largest Bomb Detection Canine Unit, supervised a gang enforcement task force, and oversaw the Child Protection Section which handled over 5,000 annual cases, including high-profile clergy arrests and efforts against online predators. His tenure with Internal Affairs saw comprehensive investigations of misconduct allegations. 

Now a licensed private investigator for 13 years, Dan notably contributed to the Rayford and Glass case, in which both men were exonerated by the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Join our cause

Your support can ignite transformation in our justice system, ensuring no innocent soul faces another day in confinement. Together, we can instill hope where it’s needed most.

Your Contribution Matters

Every donation brings us one step closer to righting the wrongs of our justice system. Your support has the power to change lives, reunite families, and restore faith in justice.

5 Key Principles we work & live by

Integrity First

We uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency in all our actions, ensuring that our mission is always driven by truth and justice.

Relentless Advocacy

We are unwavering in our commitment to champion the cause of the innocent, tirelessly seeking justice for every individual we represent.

Collaborative Spirit

We believe in the power of unity. By fostering partnerships and working collaboratively, we amplify our impact and bring diverse perspectives to the forefront.

Empathy and Respect

Every story matters. We approach each case with deep empathy, respecting the dignity and worth of every individual, understanding the profound impact of each wrongful conviction.

Continuous Learning

The legal landscape is ever-evolving. We are committed to continuous learning, staying updated with the latest legal developments, and refining our strategies to ensure the best outcomes for those we serve.

Our Vision

InnocenceOC is a non-profit program in Orange County, California associated with University of California at Irvine, School of Law. InnocenceOC’s mission is to raise funds and awareness to provide pro bono legal work to wrongfully convicted prisoners who are either factually innocent or who have been wrongfully convicted under the kill zone theory. We seek to uncover injustices in the criminal justice system and promote an equal system where minorities are not discriminated against because of their race and protect the rights of the innocent. We actively participate in criminal matters where injustice is found and challenge wrongful convictions. We seek to educate our community about the problems of our criminal justice system and educate law students about the need for advocacy in this area.

InnocenceOC was founded by Annee Della Donna in 2018 (formerly known as Innocence Rights of Orange County) and is gratefully affiliated with UC Irvine School of law. We have three part-time pro bono attorneys, two paid investigators and a board of directors of 13 accomplished business leaders. We work with student volunteers and paid student interns in the summer program. Our future vision is to be a full-time clinic with multiple pro bono attorneys, paralegals and law students all working together to protect the rights of those wrongfully incarcerated and reform the justice system.


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