Silenced by Injustice judged without evidence imprisoned without cause

But too often, the rush to judgment in our justice system overlooks crucial evidence and truth, leaving innocent lives shattered in its wake.

NO ONE SHOULD BE Silenced by injustice

But too often, the rush to judgment in our justice system overlooks crucial evidence and truth, leaving innocent lives shattered in its wake.

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Triumph Over Tragedy

Juan Rayford Jr. and Dupree Glass are shining examples of what we can achieve together. After nearly 17 long years in prison, their convictions were finally overturned, shedding light on the cracks in our justice system. This victory showcases the strength of the human spirit and the urgent need for change.

Under new California law, these wrongly convicted men will now released after almost 17 years — half of their lives — that they lost behind bars.

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"We’re told to trust the system, but legal gaps can LEAD TO conviction with NO EVIDENCE"

Our justice system was intended to safeguard the innocent. Instead, it often ensnares them, stealing years and derailing lives.

The ominous“kill zone theory” is a legal loophole that allows people to be charged with attempted murder in situations involving multi-victims, even with no concrete evidence of intent to kill.

This theory disproportionately impacts people of color and leads to severe sentences that defy fairness. Innocence OC is committed to challenging this flawed theory, advocating for a more just interpretation of the law, and correcting the injustices caused by its misuse.

We advocate for the innocent and unjustly accused. Our focus spans a broad range of cases. Additionally, we support those deprived of adequate legal assistance.


Our justice system was created to protect and serve innocent people. But, too often, it traps the innocent and fails to deliver true justice, fairness, and impartiality.

Years are stolen.
Families are destroyed.



People who are wrongfully sentenced lose an average of nine invaluable years, victims of a failing justice system.



Studies show that 4% of those incarcerated in the U.S. are innocent. In California alone, that’s about 4,000 innocent lives behind bars.

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Restoring Justice: Our Mission at Innocence OC

At Innocence OC, we’re dedicated to reclaiming the stolen years of the wrongfully convicted, challenging flaws in the system, and envisioning a future where justice is truly just.

We aim to provide financial support and community involvement to Orange County’s only Innocence organization, which provides pro bono legal work to wrongfully convicted prisoners who are either factually innocent or who have been wrongfully convicted under the kill zone theory.

Our Threefold Approach


With unwavering dedication, we meticulously investigate every case, ensuring no stone is left unturned and no evidence is ignored. Our goal is to uncover the truth that can set innocent people free.


Through dedicated legal representation, we ensure that every individual’s rights are upheld and their voices are amplified in court.


Beyond the courtroom, we advocate for systemic change, ensuring that the wrongfully convicted are not just a statistic but a loud call for reform. We spread awareness about the pitfalls of the kill zone theory and work tirelessly to dismantle its grip on justice.

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Your support can ignite transformation in our justice system, ensuring no innocent soul faces another day in confinement. Together, we can instill hope where it’s needed most.

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Every donation brings us one step closer to righting the wrongs of our justice system. Your support has the power to change lives, reunite families, and restore faith in justice.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

– Alice Walker

"The integrity of our justice system depends on correcting its mistakes"

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